Adventures of a Little Wonky-Toothed Girl

Yesterday I turned around to find that Ella is smart enough to open a York peppermint patty wrapper and consume the entire contents inside the wrapper and then spit them all out on her shirt.
I guess she doesn't like peppermint patties after all.
I had put a bag of Halloween candy (that we had gotten for the trick-or-treaters but we've totally already eaten more than half the bag, which I secretly knew would happen and that is why I got a bag of candies I knew we would like) on the ground, thinking that Ella would like the sound of the wrappers or the candies inside their little boxes, not thinking that she would be capable of opening them.
After the peppermint patty, she found some rolos and had no problem biting through the wrapper to get to the chocolate inside and didn't seem to mind eating the candy and the wrapper all together.

Then we trashed the book shelves, threw all of Ella's shoes on the ground and sang some songs and attempted to read some books (but Ella still only likes one book in this entire world, Brown Bear Brown Bear and she refuses to listen to me read any others. 
Too bad I'm getting her a ton of books for her birthday, but I'll talk about that on another post).

Then I got a picture of her that totally reminded of me of when I was a baby so I had to post it for you.
If you couldn't tell, I'm the one on the left with the crazy random hand floating by my head (it was scanned in from a scrapbook, okay?) and I'm wearing the white dress that I put Ella in all the time.
Several people mentioned from my blast in the past post that I look like Ella, which I thought was so funny because I hadn't even posted any of the pictures that I thought had me looking most like her.
Ella and I seem to both be suffering from a problem with our bangs just not wanting to grow so the hair from the middle of our head comes forward to make it look like we have normal length bangs, but we really don't.

Then Ella astounded us all with her piano playing while dancing skills.
I love how she kicks her legs and bounces her bum to the music.

She then proceeded to climb the stairs for the 5 bajillionth time in her life and seemed to find it just as fun as the first time she climbed them.
She also found some hairs on the stairs to suck on.

Ella rarely finds much interest in her toys, her favorite thing to do with them is pull them out and throw them on the ground to hear the sorts of noises they make as they clatter to the ground.
Sometimes she does this shirtless.

The day was finished off by going to her dada's intramural championship soccer game, (which they won(!!!), so there's another intramural t-shirt to add to Adam's closet).
Ella crawled around in the grass until her fingers were too cold to even hold onto a cheerio and then we left, singing to the King's Singers, Les Mis and Louis Armstrong at the top of our lungs all the way home.

The End.

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