Adam is an intramural champion

Everyone knows that there are 3 things that are most coveted at BYU. From lowest to highest, this is what they are:

3. A diploma
2. A spouse
1. An intramural championship t-shirt

To win one of those t-shirts is the dream of many BYU students, but very few attain this lofty goal. If you've ever played or watched a BYU intramural game you know that they are intense, winning this t-shirt is no trivial matter. Adam is usually in about three intramural sports per semester, several times his team has made it to the championship game, but somehow they never won that final game, UNTIL NOW!

This semester, Adam's brother, a couple of his cousins and several other close friends who have been on multiple sports teams together, formed an intramural dodgeball team. At the beginning of the tournament they were in the lowest seed of the first division of this intensely competitive sport (in case you don't know what that means, like I didn't before I married Adam, that means that they were playing against the very best dodgeball teams at BYU and were expected to be the first to lose). But did they lose, no they did not! Instead they rose up higher and higher in the rankings, winning every single game in the tournament, beating much higher ranked teams than their own. On Thursday night they faced the only other team that had survived and thus ensued a battle to the death. And who do you think won that final game? Well, you already know, Adam's team came out victorious winning 4 to 2! It was a glorious moment. Adam now has the t-shirt he has always coveted and will certainly be busting with pride every time he wears it, even when he's 62. 

The team of glory:

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