A documentary

This is a trailer for a documentary about a boy named Marius who was a burn victim. He was in the children's hospital in Romania when I was there. He is now in the U.S. and his recovery is pretty miraculous. The documentary looks like it is going to be pretty cool. It premiers one week from today, on Tuesday, April 5 at 7pm in the JSB on BYU campus and it sounds like the tickets are going pretty fast. You can go to mariusmovie.com to reserve free tickets.

The Shabby Apple

I was reading NieNie today and I ran across a reference to a shop called The Shabby Apple. I'd never heard of it before so I went to their website and they have some super cute dresses and swimsuits, and here's the shocker: the dresses have sleeves and go down to your knees.

Here's a dress that was on NieNie, but I couldn't find it on the actual website. I think it is adorable:

And some swimsuits:

Pleasures await you by the seashore

This project was another one where we were given a fortune and had to illustrate it, but this time in paint. My fortune was: Pleasures await you by the seashore. I used fabric for their swimsuits, which I thought was cool-looking!
Here is a character for character design class before he gets colored:
And I'm doing an art project on Grace Kelly right now and the more I talk to people about it, the more I realize that people know Grace Kelly's name, but they don't really know who she is-- so tragic! Not that knowing about her life will benefit you in any way, but she was such a beautiful lady and she lived a fairy-tale-like life. She was a famous actress whose movies were box-office hits and then the Prince of Monaco fell head-over-heels in love with her and asked her to marry him and she became the Princess of Monaco. Ridiculously romantic.

This past weekend, when I asked Adam what he wanted to do, he had just one request, that we make and float paper boats down a stream. So we did. 

Lovely shoes and wedding things

I saw these shoes on someone else's blog. This etsy shop gets shoes and adds pieces of lace or feathers to them, what a good idea!

And these wedding hair adornments are from Twigs and Honey. Elizabeth Messina is the photographer and I am so in love with her work.

Here is more of Messina's work:

I'm kind of on a wedding photos fling right now because I have to redesign a wedding magazine for my typography class so I've been trying to find all sorts of wedding pictures and dresses and things. This is a dress from Anthropologie's wedding line, BHLDN.