Art is a wonderful thing

I know I am always posting art by artists that I am currently in love with, and non-art majors may not find posts like this very fascinating, even art majors may not find it interesting. I'm sorry. But I'm so in love with this artwork I simply cannot contain it inside myself, I have to share it or I might explode with excitement over how incredible these pieces are. For instance, here is the work of Skip Liepke, holy cow, how beautiful are these pieces? They are downright gorgeous!
Look at how he uses green in her skin-- GREEN! And how it contrasts with the pink.
The girls in his paintings have the rubiest lips and the palest skin.

I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this piece? Just the combination of colors and the contrast between her dark hair and pale skin. It's just a painting of a person, but it's so completely captivating. Adam says this one is creepy, which I can maybe see, but I think it's beauty outweighs its creepiness.
And the gorgeous, perfect strokes in this painting, they look careless but are so perfect. I can't get over Liepke's skills (as I'm sure you can tell by now).
And this is Jeremy Lipking. Absolutely lovely.
And Bernie Fuchs. I love his compositions.

Art is a wonderful thing.

The sketches in the margins of class notes

Random sketches from the backs of sacrament meeting programs and the margins of class notes.
I started with drawing a sheep but he wasn't looking so good so he turned into a bear.
Sometimes I draw pictures that describe how I am feeling at the time because I can communicate with pictures better than words. The picture with the girl on the ground is supposed to be me, probably after a really rough week where I felt like I messed up a lot, and that's Adam, helping me up.


I kind of desperately want one of these. One that actually works in the rain and is this adorable at the same time.

Christmas in September and a Beautiful Song

I will confess to something that I'm sure will earn me some well-earned glares. This last month I started listening to Christmas music. I know, I'm a terrible person! You may glare at me now! I am usually a very firm believer in not even listening to a single note of Christmas music until at least November. But I was desperate! School was slowly killing me and all I could think about was how much I needed Christmas to hurry up and get here so that the semester would be over. Christmas was my light at the end of the tunnel, so I caved and started listening to Christmas music in SEPTEMBER! And oh, it is so glorious! I love Christmas. Who doesn't?

Nightmare before Christmas. If you haven't seen it yet, you must! Right now is the perfect time of year. And Corpse Bride as well.

But when I am not listening to Christmas music (which, I only listen to at the most stressful of homework days) there is a beautiful song, sung by a girl with a beautiful voice that my friend Becca introduced me to. It is called Pitter-Pat by Erin McCarley. I love this song and push "replay" far too many times. It is calming and peaceful. The best way to listen to it is with your earphones in and with the volume up so that you can hear all of the deep, lovely notes.

And here is a drawing of this beautiful girl who poses for one of my classes. The drawing isn't done but that's fine.