I saw this video about a little girl and her doll while I was pregnant with Ella and ever since then I have wanted to make a doll just like that for Ella.
I started making it when I was still pregnant, making my own pattern in imitation of that doll, but I got frustrated when I got some of the proportions wrong and then I had Ella and had no time to keep working on it, so I set it aside.
This week I was pulling out some fabric for another project and I came across the unfinished doll and decided that it was time to finish it.
I finished her up and made her a dress, out of an old skirt of mine, to match her red lipstick and now I can't stop looking at her, I'm so proud of how she turned out!
Adam and I call her Lulu Doll. 
I'm going to wrap her up and give her to Ella for Christmas.
I'm not sure if Ella is going to be a girl who likes dolls because right now she doesn't even have the patience to sit still for any of her toys, she just wants to be on the go.
But if she doesn't like Lulu maybe she'll have a sibling who will.


  1. How cute! How did you make her hair and lips- iron on fabric? Love her little undies too- well done Annie!

    1. Thanks so much, Shantel! Yeah, the hair is iron-on and the lips are embroidered.

  2. It is beautiful Annie! I love it!