I told you to stop growing like 10 months ago, so stop growing already


You guys, my baby is turning into a little girl and it makes me so excited and so sad at the same time!
She's going to be 10 months old in less than a week!
We just got home from the hospital with her newborn little self in our arms like yesterday!

A few things about Ella as an almost-10-month-old:

Ella is always humming. 
I didn't realize this until Adam's family came to visit and they pointed out that she never stops making noise. 
This can be a problem when we are in the middle of Sunday school and Ella is loudly humming and the teacher is trying to talk loud enough to be heard over her.
She also never stops moving.
She always has someplace she needs to be going quickly.

Still loving her ice cream. 
We went to a frozen yogurt place and I was holding Ella and Adam was getting samples of all the flavors and he would come over to give me and Ella tastes and Ella was practically leaping out of my arms with her mouth wide open so that she could get some of the sample. 
And then when we were sitting and eating, I would give her tastes of my yogurt, but if I wasn't going fast enough, she would reach up and grab my arm that had the spoon in it, and yank it down with all her might to bring the spoon down to her mouth.

She is currently going from being a scoocher to a crawler. 
She can slowly crawl on her knees.
But when she wants to get somewhere fast, she drops down to her belly and scoots there.

Can go up stairs very quickly.
This is a problem.

Loves babies her age. 
She has a little friend named Harper and the last time they got together, Ella started giggling her little head off as soon as she saw Harper. 
Harper would wave at Ella or babble something and Ella would literally throw back her head and laugh. 
She would not stop giggling at Harper's jokes. 
And they were holding hands, we all almost died with how cute it was. 
Why did I not record them interacting? 
I don't know! 
I am so upset that I didn't.

Thinks that playing in the tub when it doesn't have water in it is the greatest thing ever.
This is due to the fact that when you have lots of plastic toys in the tub and then you frantically wave your arms around, all the toys go flying and make the most fantastic noise as they clatter against the bottom and sides of the tub.
She thinks that making loud noises is absolutely wonderful.

I get such a thrill out of feeding Ella new foods and seeing what she thinks of them.
She especially loves meat and rice.
But she screams bloody murder when we wash her off after meals.

She puts her wide open mouth up against our face or shoulder and breathes really hard or tries to nibble us, while also squeezing us with all her might to give us kisses.

She doesn't especially love books, except for her furry animal books that she can feel and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? (seen above)
I don't know what it is about that book, but she will sit in my lap for a long time as I read that book to her over and over again.
Thanks, Jordyn, for that book!

Best part of the day is when Adam gets home from work and Ella has just woken up from her nap and we all lay on the floor or the bed and Ella crawls all over us and gives us kisses and we make funny faces and noises at her and she giggles her little head off and just looks at both of us with such a happy face.

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  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me that Ella loves that book! I have the biggest smile right now!!! Yay!