Gowns By Laura

I work for a lady named Laura who started her own company, Gowns By Laura. She designs gorgeous vintage gowns. She makes patterns of her gowns and other fashions and sells them online. I draw illustrations of the dresses and she puts them on her pattern packaging. I absolutely love drawing fashion design, especially Laura's dresses because they are incredibly gorgeous! Here are some drawings I've done for her. I started drawing for her before I got into the Visual Arts department at BYU, and it's interesting to see how different the illustrations I've done since I started the program are from the ones I did before.

Most recently I illustrated a shirt that she designed. This shirt that can be a maternity shirt or a non-maternity shirt as well.

This is Laura:

And here are some of her beautiful dresses. Can you believe she DESIGNS these? The ideas for these gowns come out of her head! So amazing.

You can order patterns for some of her dresses here.

Corn Flakes

This is a clip from a much longer movie my brothers and I made for our parents for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Opening the closet door just a crack

I am a closet artist. I do NOT like to show people my artwork. I have this enormous fear that people will look at my art and think "Ptshh. She should not be an art major. I can do art better than that." But I told my cousin, Lawrence (who is an AMAZING artist!), that I would one day pluck up the courage to put up some random pieces, because he hasn't seen anything I've done. Plus, if I'm going to make a career out of being an illustrator one day, then I better learn how to show my art to other people. So, here are a few pieces from my last figure drawing class. We only had about two hours or so to do each piece, so parts of them are unfinished. I'm going to close my eyes very tightly and not think about what I am doing as I push the "Publish Post" button.

So I got this haircut

I used to have hair like this:
And now I have hair like this:
I took these glamour shots to send to my mom to show her what I had done to myself:
I think once it grows an inch or two longer, then it will be good.

Just like real wilderness survival people

Adam and I went camping in the Uinta Mountains with this very cute and wonderful couple in our ward, Jordan and Allie Wright:
We went trekking through the wilderness and found this cute place to set up our tent, which was nice:
But then we found THIS place, next to this gorgeous lake, so we relocated our tents:
Who knew that Utah could be so green? We were a mile away from the road, out in the middle of nature! We built our own fire pits and forged our own pathways through the trees; having never been in Boy Scouts I had never done that before. Although, I must admit, if I never have to go pee out in the middle of nature ever again, I will not be heartbroken.
The boys built a fire and the girls watched:
And we roasted marshmallows:
The boys concocted a way to build a small raft to float in the lake:
And then they made it (this is not the finished product, but there are no good pictures of the finished raft):
Sleeping next to a lake + no bug spray= LOTS of bug bites.
Allie came home with 96 BITES! 96! As in, four less than one hundred.
But on the second day of camping, Jordan saw a group leaving their campsite and he asked them if we could buy some bug spray from them, they just gave it to us for free (kind people!) and we rejoiced:
We played Phase 10 (locked up in our tent, away from the mosquitos that had doubled in number once the sun set. They swarmed at the door of the tent, just waiting for it to be unzipped and they could come and attack us-- this was before the bug spray):
And we hiked:
And sat on rocks:

And it was fun!

Boys will be girls

A month ago, the wonderful Laura Tait introduced me to THIS youtube clip and for some completely unexplainable reason I am now addicted to it. The weird thing is that I don't get addicted to things like this, ever; I don't have TV shows I'm addicted to or anything else like that, but this clip I have to watch at least every other day and each time I watch it I die laughing. I'm pretty sure Adam got sick of it the thirtieth time I watched it but I still find it downright hilarious. You might not find it quite as funny as I do, but just in case you find it even slightly amusing, I had to post the link. The facial expressions are my favorite. And quotes like, "You want to split an ice cube or something? Just a small one? Or we could just drink the run-off."

The Princess and the Pea

For my birthday, I was given this children's book that I love! Each illustration is a picture of a little dollhouse-like set-up with paper dolls propped up in it-- SO cute! The next time you are at a bookstore I definitely recommend looking for this cute-o book so you can look at all the pictures.