Baby things

Now that it's spring/summer time (though the weather seems to have not been notified of this fact) and I only have work to worry about, I have this list of crafty projects to embark on. Most of them revolve around having a baby. 

I found these baby slings that I kind of love. Unfortunately they are $129. But it doesn't seem like they would be that hard to make, although you would have to be sure to make them right so that they don't end up injuring your back. So, I'm on the hunt for a good pattern to make one of these.

And if I find out I'm having a girl I so much want to make her one of these:

And if I have a boy, I very much want to make him a bow tie. I think bow ties are ridiculously adorable on kids.

Speaking of bow ties, a couple days ago, Stephanie Nielson posted some pictures of her kids, who are possibly the most adorably dressed kids I've ever seen. And they are wearing bow ties! Absolutely adorable. So yes, my future son definitely needs a bow tie.

And it would be fun to make some things to go on the future baby's wall:

And a breast-feeding cover wouldn't be too hard to make:

And sometimes it's just fun to look at baby things now that I know a baby is coming along. Like diaper bags. I've never cared much about diaper bags before, but now they are fun to look at:

And I can never get over the cuteness of baby shoes. They are so small! I know a girl who makes the most adorable baby loafers you've ever seen. These are on the list of things to get our baby, once we know the gender. She sells other cute things besides just shoes here.

A little person is in my tummy

Sometime around November 3rd, Adam and I are going to have a bouncing bundle of joy enter our lives!

I’ve been lucky for the first trimester, although I’ve been sick, I didn’t throw up once, which is wonderful.

One thing I was afraid of is that my addiction to desserts would only increase with pregnancy, which, as all the pregnancy books laid out for me, would inevitably happen and would inevitably be bad. Babies need nutrition, not empty calories. But as soon as morning sickness struck, desserts were the last thing in the world that I wanted. Looking at chocolate chip cookies makes me want to gag. I have never gone so long with so little sugar, and I don’t even crave it. And greasy foods, like grilled cheese sandwiches (which I’m usually in love with), I now dislike. As far as I’ve heard, craving healthy foods over sugary and fatty foods during pregnancy is not a common thing. I will not complain, what a blessing these crazy cravings have been! And only craving healthy foods has certainly helped decrease how much weight I’ve gained this first trimester. Since I don’t throw up anything, that means it all gets added onto my body weight. With all the food I’ve been eating I’m surprised I’ve only gained about seven pounds so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to slow down the eating thing a little bit in the second trimester. And Adam is incredible, listening to me every time I burst into tears about positively nothing, due to the berzerkness of my hormones these days. 

It was the craziness of my hormones that made me first suspect that I was pregnant. I was at work and a customer did something that made me so frustrated, I had to put a lot of effort into keeping a smile on my face. But afterwards, I thought about it, and realized that customers do what that customer did all the time and I've never been so frustrated about it before. And then the mood swings I had been having the past few days came to mind, one minute I would be happy and dancing around the house and the next I'd be a complete grump. As soon as I got home from work I had Adam run to the dollar tree with me to get some pregnancy tests, and sure enough, this is what we saw:

When I showed this pregnancy test to Adam, he started dancing around the house for joy.

Even though I knew to expect a lot of changes once I got pregnant, it's still shocking when they actually happen. For instance:

-how often I have to get up and go pee in the middle of the night (who knew that started in the first trimester?)

-Back pains that affect how I walk (isn't the waddling not supposed to start until you actually have a tummy?)

-I pulled on a shirt the other day that has fit totally fine in the past, but this time I pulled it on and my chest was squeezed so tight I could hardly breathe

-One of the only desserts I like: Really Raspberry ice cream from the Creamery on 9th-- oh yum!

-These days I need about 9 1/2 hours of sleep a night in order to be able to handle normal activities during the day-- that's crazy! One pregnancy book I've been reading said: when a pregnant woman is just sitting still, her body is exerting as much/more energy as a person who is rock climbing-- that explains a lot.

Annelise Jones Illustration

I created a website for my artwork:

As for the new picture at the top of the blog, it's far from great, but it's better than the last picture. No more double chins.

You may be wondering, why are the pictures at the top of my blog always pixelated? Well, that is because I love PhotoBooth on my mac, and it doesn't do high quality pictures.

I also am in love with the bottom section of the food pyramid. Today I ate toast and a bagel and a bread twist, some cereal, and some pizza- grains are delicious. When I'm not in love with the bottom section of the food pyramid, I'm in love with the top.

I also am in love with this cute blond haired blue eyed boy that lives in my apartment. 

The end of student life

Yesterday I walked home from my last ever class at BYU. I'm a little bit sad. I've been in school since I was five years old, and now, seventeen years later, I'm no longer a student, what on earth am I supposed to do with myself? And no more student discounts at the dollar theater, dang. I was one of those weird kids in elementary school who was devastated when the weekend came because I loved school so much I wanted to be there all the time. Of course, I loved being at home, but I was always craving to be at school longer. Weird, I know. And now in college, I don't necessarily love the homework load, but I love going to class and learning new things about the world. And now it's over. 

Here is one of my final assignments for my character design class. I posted three of these characters earlier, and now here's the rest. It's the Wizard of Oz: