Chocolate for breakfast is always a hit

I love this weed-infested postage stamp of a backyard of ours, it's nice to have a backyard at all.
Adam hid eggs for the little miss amongst the weeds.
It took a while to convince her to not open up each egg as she found them because she just wanted to get to that candy.
The neighbors were out in their backyard as well and they sat on their back porch and watched her search for the eggs through the fence, it was kind of adorable.
Chocolate was for breakfast this morning.
She loved it.
And then she refused to eat anything except for broccoli for dinner tonight so I guess it all balanced out.
And then this kid!
Seriously, Fenton, I gave birth to you like last month, how on earth do you look like a little boy already?

And then this week's Sunday picture and pictures from the last few weeks.

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