This little family of mine

Just a few of many favorite photos from a family shoot.
I love these pictures, I love that cute-faced boy who asked me to marry him five years ago.
I am crazy about him.
I love the sweet little human beings that depend on me and Adam so completely.
I love seeing their happy faces, their love for life.
I love their deep blue eyes that they inherited from neither Adam or me.
I love this little life that we have made.
I love all the hard work that goes into every single day.
I love it. 


  1. Oh I absolutely love these pictures. You are such an adorably cute family. So happy, and so much love!

  2. Oh man these are so perfect! I just love how they capture so much of everyone's personality. Adorable!

  3. These are only the most perfect family pictures that ever were! Love them and you guys!