A Favorite Outfit and Dying Some Eggs

Before we go any further, we first need to talk about this outfit.
This is Ella's current favorite outfit.
"Fair shirt" (flower shirt), "skut" (skirt), and "panna" shoes.
She asks to wear this every single day.
She sleeps with those shoes on and sometimes I find that she has also slept with the shirt and skirt snuggled next to her in bed.
A little bit bizarre?
I know.
But also kind of hilariously adorable.
Adam will hide parts of this outfit in places that she can't find them (like his shorts pocket) so that he can dress her in something else besides these three articles of clothing.
I think she likes the skirt and shirt because they are silky.
And the panda shoes because they have cute faces on them.
Anyway, expect to see at least one of these articles of clothing in every single outfit she wears for the next couple of months.

Okay, moving on.
St. Patricks Day I kind of totally spaced.
We were at the library on the 17th of March and Ella raced over to the crayons and coloring pages table like she usually does (she thinks the library is for coloring pages, not books) and the coloring page for that day said "Happy St. Patricks Day!"
Dang it.
I glanced at myself and my kids to see if we were wearing any sort of shade of green.
(That's the one color that there is no trace of in Ella's very colorful favorite outfit).
I was planning on making some sort of green food that day or just something small to make it fun.
But it just didn't happen.
So we decided to get an early start on Easter so that I wouldn't space it for that holiday.
And since Easter is kind of a way more important holiday than St. Patricks Day (I mean we are celebrating the fact that we have been eternally saved and have a chance of being with our families forever, so it's kind of a big a deal) I definitely wanted to make sure we took better care of this holiday.
So we started with decorating Easter eggs and E really loved it.
No, I did not ask her to pose like that with the egg perfectly placed in her little hands, why on earth would you even think that?
It was definitely a hit and now my counters and table are slightly neon pink after getting dye spilled on them so that was a bonus as well.

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  1. Your observations and the way you write is amazing. It always fun to see what you post and read what you write. Thank you!