This is happening over here

And I'm really not okay with it happening.
I was totally shocked when today he started pulling himself up on things and I was racking my brain, did Ella start pulling herself up when she was this young? 
I just didn't expect for it to happen yet!
I thought I still had time to cherish his little rolly baby self.
But oh my goodness, the little smile that spread across his face when he eventually got up on his feet, so stinkin' proud of himself.
It's amazing that babies know that they can progress, that they try to do new things and reach new heights (literally) that they've never even tried before.
How do they know that they are capable of more than just endlessly rolling on the ground?
It's so exciting to see them grow and discover new abilities but it's so sad to realize that the few precious months of them being a baby are disappearing and will never come back.

Fenton, stay little forever!
I want to cuddle you in my arms and nuzzle under your neck and smother your round cheeks with kisses for forever and if you keep growing up then I eventually won't be allowed to do that anymore and I just can't stand that thought!

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