All About E's Little Life Right Now

This pretty much sums up 2-year-old Ella.

We are big into letters right now.
We take walks and stop at every sign to point out all the letters.
She hollers out letters she sees as we drive through town.
She had a square-shaped sandwich for lunch today and she bit into two of the sides opposite of each other and then exclaimed, "H!" because it was shaped exactly like the letter H! 
I blame all of her interest in letters on The Letter Factory, by Leap Frog.
She loves that movie.
But I'll warn you now that if your child watches it, you will fall asleep at night to that song running endlessly through your head.
Seriously, it will never stop.
And because it is so permanently stuck in your head (since you've watched it 10+ times in a week) you may get the urge to even sing it to your spouse while he is getting ready for bed and he will beg for you to stop.
On the plus side, it is a much less annoying song than other alphabet movies I've seen.
Holy cow are there some horrific alphabet movies out there.

And as you can see by her holding her crayon, she is definitely a lefty.

Ella is usually doing one of two things during the day.
She is either quietly organizing her toys into her various purses and favorite corners or she is running in circles and singing non-stop about anything that pops into her head. 
Also, she sometimes stops mid-song, folds her arms and says a prayer before she continues on her way.
I have no idea why the sound of cheering makes her want to stop and pray but it's kind of hysterical.
The amount of crazy energy that is pent up in that little body is astounding. 
Also, "toots!"
She will come running to me from all the way across the park to inform me that she "tooted."
Oh thank you, Ella, I'm so glad that you let me know that.
Oh man, I love her!


  1. The A says ah! The A says ah!

  2. Haha, She is so cute! She has so much energy all packed in waiting to explode!