Lala Loo and Fenton Too

The Little Miss got a scooter from her Grammy and Pa Jones for Christmas and she is really getting the hang of it, it's kind of adorable to watch and makes her seem super grown up all of a sudden to see her have no problem with riding it down (very) minor hills.
It's definitely time for me to get her helmet.
She rode it all the way to the park yesterday and as she kicked her scooter along she sang in her little sing-song alto voice, "Go Lala, go! Go Lala, go!"
I kind of love that having two kids means that my hands are usually full with Fenton which means I can't always helps Ella do things that she wants me to do, like help her climb up to the slide and so it forces her to learn how to do things that she otherwise wouldn't learn because I would have helped her out.
It's neat to see her realize how much she is capable of on her own.
And the whole time I'm right there cheering her on, which gives her the attention she loves.
This girl loves a good dirt pile.

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