The Roundest of Round Men

Oh the sweetness of this small man.
His current nicknames include:
 Small Man
Sweet Man
Fenton Friend
Mr. Finn
Round Man
Baby Son
Snot-nosed-wonder (when he is sick, which, if you recall, is approximately all the time)

Ella calls him those things too, because she hears us calling him that and it's hilarious.
There's nothing like your 2-year-old exclaiming, "Fenton Friend!" and "Little Man!"
Something he does that is hilarious:
whenever a blanket is thrown over his face he startles, it kind of takes his breath away, which is cute but the funny part about it is that he purposefully does it to himself!
He'll grab a blanket and pull it over his face and gasps as it settles over his face, he leaves it there for a second and kind of takes quick little breaths and flails his arms and then he'll reach up and take the blanket off and hugely grin like it was crazily fun and then he'll do it again and again!
It's like a little adrenaline rush! 
And it's funny that when I put him to sleep at night the first thing he does is grab his blanket and pull it over his face, it helps him feel calm I guess because he'll be crying but the second I put the blanket on him he will grab it and cover his face and stop mid-cry as soon as it's over his face.
He's kind of in love with food.
Except his mom started feeding him crackers WAY too early.
Ella handed him the first cracker he ever had and it was in the car so I had no free hands to pull it from his grasp, but he ate it so well that I decided to feed him crackers regularly (he has 7 teeth after all).
Well his tummy wasn't to happy about that and it let me know it for 2+ weeks but I didn't make the connection that it was because of the gluten he was consuming until after several weeks passed by.
I could not understand why my calm, always-content baby was so fussy all of a sudden and so unhappy all the time, oh it was miserable for everyone!
And then, thanks to a series of events, I realized it was because of all those crackers I was feeding him, so I cut those out of his diet and he's been a happier baby ever since, thank heavens!
But seriously, though, eating is his favorite past-time.
He is an explorer, he loves discovering his toys and rolling all over the floor in hopes of finding a new treasure to stuff into his mouth.
Oh the things I find in his mouth!
Today we were running errands and I realized that he was chewing on something, I did the mouth scoop (I can't even tell you how many times I do that in a day) to find a strand of our rug at home in his mouth that he had just been storing in his cheek and sucking on for a good two hours.
I am scared out of my mind about some of the things that Ella leaves laying around on the floor for him to pick up, like pennies, paper clips, rings and other frightening things that I still have no idea where they came from.
These under-the-covers photos were inspired by this post on this rather lovely blog.
I seriously cannot get over how much they adore each other.
It's like one of the biggest joys in my life right now is watching the two of them interact. 
I got her up from a nap today and she heard Fenton cooing downstairs and she hollered, "Don't worry, Fenton! We're coming!"

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