While we waited for Dada to get home the other day

Oh my gosh, the roundness of that head has me smitten!
I want to rub it all the time, especially now that it has fuzzy hairs on top.
I could just eat him up, he's so sweet and rolly.
And whenever I nibble on those cheeks he gives this little sweet chuckle.
He is a chuckler.
Ella was an outright laugher when she was his age but he just gives this sweet chuckle.
^This picture exactly sums up major differences between these two.
Fenton loves to get his hands on things and just observe them, figure out how they work and how they're shaped, you can practically see the wheels turning in his head, "What is this thing? What happens if I do this? And what if I twist it like this?"
Ella, on the other hand is the master of social interaction.
She knows how to get a smile out of you and how to charm people and is curious to see how you will emotionally react to different things she does.
When she was Fenton's age, she rarely showed interest in toys but when she did, she would whack it as hard as she could against the nearest object to make the loudest noise possible.
To this day there are basic baby toys that she doesn't know how to work because she doesn't care, but I'm sure Fenton will learn how to use them fast because he's fascinated by objects.
Still sporting a monk's mullet in the back and a rather excellent bald spot.
  Seriously, I could eat him.

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