"I Want to Wash My Hands, My Face and Hair With Snow"

That song has been stuck in my head for days now since that snowstorm that swept the country hit our town.
Living in a place that doesn't see much snow, it was a happy and beautiful surprise.
It was the first time that Ella had EVER seen snow and she was enthralled!
Luckily, my sister-in-law had just barely given us a snowsuit, it was perfect timing because I don't even own a heavy coat for Ella since we don't ever need one here.
Whenever we would walk through the snow E would start hollering, "Ball! Ball!" As in: I want to make a snowball!
Because, of course, that is the first thing her dad taught her to do in the snow, make a ball and throw it at something.
He took her outside to play and she was in heaven!
(I tried to embed a video in this post of Adam' throwing snowballs at Ella and Ella exclaiming that snow is "yummy!" but my computer is struggling with life, so here's a link to it instead).
^The first time she went out to play in the snow, she grabbed an empty spice jar and a spoon and started digging in it.
She loves filling up her empty spice jars (that she conveniently emptied of their spicy contents all over the stairs so that she could fill them with better things).
 ^Baby enviously watched Ella playing, wishing he had a snowsuit in his size.
 Fenton and I stayed inside and happily blew bubbles and drooled while discussing the yumminess of milk.

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