We'll call this post, "Fall," because titles don't get more unique than that

Halloween happened more than a month ago and yet here I am finally posting pictures from it.
In my defense, we've been busy living life over here. 
And sometimes I forget why I like blogging and it just becomes a frustrating monotonous journal that is not fun to write or read.
And so I slack at it, because what's the point when it becomes boring for both you and me to look at?
And then I start reading old posts from Harper's Happenings and I remember why I love to blog and how I want to capture the personalities of these sweet kiddos through pictures and words so that I can always remember what they were like and what life was like right now, and then I open up iPhoto to see what my next post should be and I have like a bajillion pictures from all different events and there is no way to tie them all together, so I end up posting them in a hodge-podge post like this.
We will tie all these pictures together by saying this is a post about fall.
Probably my next six posts will all have that same exact theme.
You guys, this girl!! 
I can't even get enough of her!
I see her everyday and yet I still find myself just staring at her some days like, 
"How did I even get a girl as hilarious and full of character and magic and ridiculousness as you? 
Although, let's keep things real here, on those same days I also have times where I look at her and think, 
"How did you go from such a happy little fairy girl to a monster child in less than 2 seconds? 
This is insane."
The terrible twos are real, you guys.
But for the most part, as long as she is rested and fed and not sick, she is pretty fab.
And her love of leaves has me smitten because only a child could be so endlessly fascinated with such a common everyday thing.
These pictures were from our trip to Salt Lake and it was so crazy windy and leaves were scattering all over the place and Ella thought it was the best thing ever.
She threw a tantrum when we had to leave (please notice that accidental pun).

And this is Halloween.
Yes, we dress up as a coordinated family because we get a kick out of things like that.
Ella thought Halloween was the greatest thing of all time.
I mean, we walk up to random homes, knock on their doors and they hold out a bowl full of candy and ooh and ahh over her while she takes handful after handful of candy and they just keep saying, "Oh you are just too cute, take more! Take as much as you like!" 
Until I finally say, "You're done! Next house."
Where we go get more candy.
That she will never eat because by the next day she's forgotten that we have it.
Best holiday ever.

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