That little man with the massive cheeks, or the "tank," as his doctor refers to him, sucks on his fingers to soothe himself, that or his "magical" blanket.
He has a gorgeous blanket that a friend of mine made for him, that seriously works magic because he will be fussing and then I hand him that blanket and he stuffs a corner of it in his mouth and the next thing I know, he's out cold.
This little chunker is a quiet one.
He rarely talks, he leaves that to his jabber-mouth sister.
When he's happy he does this little silent happy pant and when he's sad he does some grunchy grunts and puckers out his bottom lip.
But it's a special privilege to get to hear him coo and talk.
When he does, it's adorable! 
He focuses so hard on moving his little mouth just right.
When Fenton falls over from a sitting position on the couch, onto his tummy Ella alerts me of this by saying, "Oh Finn! She's coming, Finn! She's coming!"
That's my cue to come. 
And someyimes I ask Ella, can you get Fenton some toys?"
And she says "yes" and runs over to the toy bin to select some and carefully hands them to him.
We got a little crafty one day after nap time and made an Indian hat, which E modeled for me in only her diaper.
Also, she is REALLY into coloring these days (see bottom right corner of picture above).
She can show you every part of our home where she has done a coloring "no-no," which includes tile floors, the kitchen table and books.
She gets very serious and points at the mishap and says over and over, "color no-no. No-no. No-no color."
And let's talk about Toy Story for a minute.
It's kind of a big deal in this little apartment of ours right now.
That and fishy crackers.
Hand her a baggy of crackers and put her in front of Toy Story (she prefers to stand as close to the TV--or TD, as she calls it-- as physically possible) and she's happy as can be.
I have never had to worry about Ella watching too much TV before because she seriously has never cared to watch anything on it.
And then a couple months ago I put in The Letter Factory and for some reason it hooked her and now she loves "moves" (movies) and Toy Story 3 is her favorite of them all.
I'll go in her room in the morning and among the first things that she tells me is, "Woody. Buzz. Yee-haw!" 
We watch it approximately 1.2 times a day.
And finally, I really love this talk by Elder Oaks called Weightier Matters.
It is very thought-provoking.

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