Little Girl Turns 2

Originally when I started planning Ella's second birthday party it involved a lot of people, food and games but the more I tried to plan around all those people and their kids the more I got stressed out of my mind!
Food for all those people, seating, and games for all those 2 and unders (have you ever tried to plan games for kids that young that are fun for both the kids and parents? Not even possible).
And then trying to plan all that when I was barely scraping through the day with two little ones.
It just wasn't going to realistically happen.
But then it hit me that Ella wouldn't really care if there was a ton of people there, a couple friends would make her just as happy.
She has two cute friends who are within a month of her age that she really loves to play with because they like the same sorts of things that she does, so I scratched all my big party plans and cut down to just two families and instantly I felt much less stressed and I knew she would love it.
We celebrated by going to a trampoline and bounce house place and then having pizza and cake at our little apartment place afterward.
It actually turned out perfect that we only had those two families come because Ella got sick right before the party and so we had to postpone it two weeks and it was much easier to coordinate that with two families rather than several families.
The night before the party, Adam and I were up until 2AM decorating our little hearts out!
We were dead tired but also dancing around because we couldn't believe that OUR daughter was about to celebrate her SECOND birthday!!
And I would like you to know that we did not fail in the cliche parent department this year with our gift.
We got her a Cozy Coupe that seems to be a classic 2-year-old gift, I mean, I got one for my second birthday 23 years ago.
We snagged this one at a kids consignment shop for $20, which meant we could get her even more gifts.
It is ridiculously fun to shop for kids toys.

 She insists on having Fenton ride with her in the car because they are best friends and all and what little brother wouldn't love a ride with his older sister?
He likes it for about 2 minutes and then gets tired of Ella's endless wiggles and maniacal laughter and so he starts to cry and then Ella gets mad that I'm taking him out because I'm ruining the incredibly fun time that they are having together.
Although, Ella has been known to reach over and unexpectedly shove open the car door so that Fenton will go toppling out when she no longer wants him in there.
Brother-sister relationships are kind of the best.

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