A Little Trip

I love these pictures from a trip we recently took to Salt Lake but I feel overwhelmed with the idea of having to write about it because we were there for the funeral of a rather wonderful grandmother of mine, and I don't really feel like writing the thoughts and emotions that are connected with her funeral.
So I'm not going to.
Although our reason for being there was sad, it was so fun to get to see everyone.
There were about 40 people stuffed into one house during the days, all laughing and playing and eating together.
Ella was in heaven running around with all my youngest cousins and chasing my grandparents' Siamese cat.
Ice cream was eaten in abundance and football was constantly on the tv.
^The cute dark-haired boy is my youngest cousin, Johnny, who is only two weeks older than Fenton.
Johnny is very happy and social, which both amused and freaked out Fenton, whose calm self can only handle so much craziness, even though he lives with the queen of the social crazies.
 ^When your dad is a Packers fan, this automatically means that you are too.
^Oh, that floor!! 
I love it so much! 
We are going back there for Christmas and I'm already plotting to take pictures of Fenton on that wonderful tile!
After the funeral we spent a couple days in downtown Salt Lake.
This included a trip to Bruge's Waffles, which is AMAZING.
You must go if you are in SLC.
Also, a trip to IKEA.
That place is such a problem.
It's one thing to walk into a store and have everything be adorable, but then to have it all be so dang affordable as well, I was throwing all sorts of stuff we didn't need into the cart.
And now our home looks so cute thanks to all those things, it makes me want to go back now and get more.
Like I said, such a problem.
^Even Little Girl liked IKEA (who doesn't?)
And we visited Ella's beautiful aunt Maddy and collected leaves.
Ella really loves leaves, she loves to collect them.
I love seeing the world and things as simple as leaves through her eyes.
And it turned out that we drove home on Ella's birthday and so Adam's grandparents made sure to give her some cake, which she kind of loved!
Although, we have some serious candle-blowing-out skills to work on before next year.

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