It's fun to take a circle of plastic and go careening down a hill covered in snow

We took Little Girl (the one who is in love with going down water slides by herself) sledding for the first time on Monday.
And as expected, she thought it was fabulous.
That is, until her feet got cold and then she decided that she hated the whole world and she let us know it.
But who can blame her?
Cold feed in the snow is seriously the worst.
We have been spending the week with my family and everything is more enjoyable when there is a bunch of family around. 
Especially when you have two kiddos and your family thinks they are the best thing ever and so they'll hold them and entertain them, giving your arms a much needed rest and allowing you to go an entire 5 minutes without needing to worry about where your kids are and if they are safe and happy.

 My cousin, Olivia, who came with us, is from Salt Lake City, which means that she is a highly experienced and fearless sledder and she proved it.

^THAT is a hard-core sledder.
Especially if she lands from a rear-end-whomping jump like that with a face as happy as this. v

I grew up in a town that completely shut down when there was 1/4 inch of snow, so I'm not quite as experienced, and that showed too with this incredibly attractive face. v

 Even the chunky-cheeked boy went down a {VERY} small bunny hill.

^Oh my gosh, that FACE!
We took the remains of the busted sled and put them to excellent use.


  1. That looks like the most fun ever! (Side note, where did you find a jacket the gloves clip too? We have a mitten hater in this house and that would be perfect!!)

    1. Ella is the same way! I can never get her to keep her gloves on. My sister-in-law gave me that coat with the mittens, it's from Osh Kosh. She got it several years ago for her own daughter, but they might still sell coats with gloves that clip on, it's definitely worth looking, because they are wonderful!

  2. These pictures are amazing!! And as always your captions/descriptions are hilarious and perfect :) (I'm catching up on your blog and loving it)