Totally Stole This Idea

Totally stole this idea from The Daybook because I love it:


smoothies. At least one a day with tons of fruit (frozen kirkland strawberries, fresh bananas and oj) and a handful and a half of spinach thrown in because sometimes that's the only way we'll eat vegetables is if it's disguised like that.

Love and Logic for Early Childhood, lovely blogs, and rereading The Baby Sleep Solution because it is time to sleep-train Mr. Finn

Fenton's eye boogers to go away for good so he won't wake up with his eyelids glued shut every morning

forward to this weekend that will involve donuts, general conference and the pumpkin patch!

"This is Halloween" over and over and over and over again, Little Girl is obsessed.

tiny green moccasins for Fenton out of leather I cut from a purse I found for $2 at a thrift store (adorable moccasins for $2 = major win!)

Mr. Finn's toothless grin that just randomly erupts when you don't even expect it and you just look down at the chunky bundle in your arms and bam, there's his gummy smile as he stares adoringly at you and your eyes suddenly turn into faucets

for Adam to get home. With a full-time job, part-time job and school it's so exciting when he gets home!

meeting with other mommas at the park and sitting in the shade under a tree and chatting while we watch our kiddos play

 what the world will be like when my kids are my age because whoa is it crazy these days and it's scary

this talk by Jeffery R. Holland because it makes me feel better about the scary world situation and raising kids in it. He is such a powerful speaker

that this bottle of On-Guard Essential Oils will help keep us healthy this winter. We had the stomach flu multiple times last winter and several colds, and that's just not an option this winter because we have places to be and people to see. So I'm willing to try just about anything. Any opinions on Essential Oils?

At how much poop and spit-up a tiny person can produce and how I ALWAYS seem to be covered in it

Fenton's milk smell

 some sleep. But if there is ever a moment where both kids are sleeping there is SO MUCH I want to do and get done, who has time for sleep? I mean really.

 Fenton's spit-up in my hair (the ends are always crispy with dried milk). Attractive, huh?

 how Ella looks like me but acts like Adam and Fenton looks like Adam but acts like me

 to Melody Gardot and the Not Too Late album of Nora Jones', calming music for when both children are crying their eyes out at the same time

about how Ella first laughed when she was less than 2 months old (she saw herself in a mirror and started giggling her head off) but Fenton has yet to laugh. He is more of the contentedly happy sort of boy and Ella is the crazy happy kind of girl, a good balance

my heart breaking. Fenton is in the middle of sleep training and I think that the results of sleep training are so worth it but holy cow, the first few days of it are horrible! Baby Boy is currently up in his crib bawling his eyes out and I'm seriously dying listening to it! I thought it would be easier to get through with my second child but it is not!


at Ella talking to herself in bed about "Halloweenie" and "Dada" and "Annie" and something about a cup and a spoon

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