My chubby cheerleader as I bake a glazed lemon cake while Ella naps.
On a side-note: after I had Fenton, a peanut butter demon must have taken over my body because I craved peanut butter like no one else's business.
I was obsessed with peanut butter.
You see that huge-o container of peanut butter sitting on the counter?
I went through an entire container that size in a single week.
We had a peanut butter dessert every single night, our favorite desserts were these peanut butter bars and a heavenly peanut butter chocolate pie.
The chaotic mess of our home on a good day.
A portrait for a wonderful friend.
Cooking in the bathtub with all her favorite bowls and spice jars.
This picture cracks me up for some reason, everyone (including round-headed Mr. Finn) so enthralled with the MoTab on a Sunday morning.
(I am really in love with the MoTab's version of "Bring Him Home" from Les Mis.)
Both Adam and I graduated from BYU, my parents and his parents went to BYU and three of my four grandparents went to BYU, so we're kind of BYU fans over here.
I put Fenton in his swing several times when he was a few weeks old and he wasn't a fan.
But now it's his favorite way to fall asleep.
I'll pay for it later when he won't want to fall asleep anywhere except for in his swing but I'll just deal with that when it comes.

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