Just Hanging Out On That Favorite Stair of Lala's

I know I've posted several times about Ella's favorite stair but this pretty much sums up a big part of every single day.
When we aren't out and about or eating food or doing chores around the house, Ella likes us to sit on her stair.
All of us.
Fenton, me, Baby Doll.
It's nice to have some "nacks" (snacks) and a minimum of two "deenks" (drinks) close at hand.
And Ella likes to wear only her diaper and a single shoe (on the wrong foot), I'm usually in my pjs still, Baby Doll is considering taking after her nearly-nakey momma and Fenton shows us all up by dressing all dashing (he takes after his dad).
And then we just sit there and chat and Fenton watches every move that Ella makes adoringly and Ella throws kisses and hugs and sharp jabs his way occasionally.
And then the sun came through the window just right and made the pictures all weird and Ella decided that it would be a good time to start throwing a little fit about nothing in particular.
It's funny how this is just a little detail in our life, but I can tell that it's an important part of Ella's life and makes all the difference in her day when I spend just 10 minutes there with her and let her know that I love her enough to be in her little world with her.

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