Pumpkin Patch

Fenton is determined to not open his eyes in this sunlight.
^ She dropped her fruit snack and the world just about ended.
We made sure to charge our camera battery the night before we wen to the pumpkin patch but, of course, we forgot the camera at home.
Luckily we had Adam's phone, so we still got pictures.

We accidently arrived at the pumpkin patch at a time when everyone could get in for free and ride the rides for free, which was a happy surprise.
Ella was a little bit in love with the pumpkin patch.
There were goats to be pet and trampolines to be jumped on and tractors to ride and slides and hay rides and train rides and pretty much a toddler's dream.
Fenton spent the entire time trying to keep eyes averted in as opposite direction from the sun as humanly possible.
His cheeks aided him in the endeavor by being so enormous they pretty much just pull his head straight down toward the ground, so that was useful.
And Ella had so much fun playing at the pretend kitchen that we have decided we need to try and get her a kitchen for Christmas, because let's be honest, that's what I've wanted to get her since before she turned one and she's finally given me an excuse.
I have one in mind, I'm just trying to decide if it's a realistic option or not.
Anyway, the conclusion is that the pumpkin patch was a real hit.

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  1. This looks so fun! What a cute little family you have!