Finn Friday

Okay, it's time to talk about the cuteness that is Fenton.
I don't talk about him on this blog nearly as much as I talk about Ella because Ella is loud and vocal and  has an opinion about things and is just funny so there's lots of stories to tell and sweet Fenton is adorable and holy cow has he stolen my heart but he doesn't do much except sit there and look adorable and be content with life, so there simply isn't much to say at his current age.
Plus, if I ever try to stop and take a picture of him, Ella suddenly has some major life crisis that needs to be attended to immediately or the world might just stop ("Annie! Annie! Annie-Mom! Annieeeeee! No! Help! No! Oh baby (her current phrase for "there's a problem here")! Oh Baby!" etc., that girl sure can throw a good tantrum over nothing).
So that pretty much means that her nap time is the only time that I can get pictures of him, but that also is the only time that I can just cuddle with him without major Ella tantrums being thrown and sometimes I just want to cuddle him instead of take pictures, so that results in not nearly as many pictures being taken of him as his cuteness deserves.
But even at this early age I can already start to tell how he is different from his sister, and it is so fun to see his personality develop.
K, first of all, I know I've said it before but I cannot get over how much he ADORES Ella. 
I mean he is only 3 months old and can do very little to show affection and yet it is glaringly obvious that he thinks Ella is the best thing EVER. 
He never takes his eyes off her, he watches her all the time with this expression that says, "She is wonderful!" 
And they are a perfect pair because Ella is the crazy energetic happy type and he is calmly happy.
He is the happiest boy!
Smiles all the time on that boy's face, but he is quiet and calm and sweet in his happiness.
And he actually pays attention to toys and tries to play with them, Ella never did that at his age.
He is perfectly content to just be left alone with his dangling toys. 
He's going for more of the fine motor skills while Ella is perfecting the gross motor skills.
(a little side note: brown couches with yellow curtains... what do you think? Bad combination?)
And I think he is more cuddly than Ella (which I love, because I desperately want at least one cuddly baby!).
When I sleep-trained Ella she did best when I just did her nighttime routine and then put her in bed and left.
Even now, she can't calm down until after we have left the room.
Fenton, on the other hand, gets very distressed when I leave.
He likes to be held and sung to before being put down to bed, he sleeps much better after having cuddle time first.
He adores his raining hearts mobile.
And hates loud noises.
Both Adam and Ella have kind of loud voices, so if he is sitting too close to them when they are talking and laughing loudly at each other (because they find each other hilarious) his bottom lip will start to tremble.
And he laughed for the first time the day after he turned 3 months, he laughed at me imitating his noises-- baby laughs are the best.
I love when he talks to me.
He only talks when I am paying complete attention to him, which usually only occurs when Ella is in bed.
And then he kicks his legs and grins and flaps his arms and coos at me.
He sleeps 12 hours a night, waking only once to eat and sometimes I don't have the energy to put him back in his room after he eats so he stays in bed with us the rest of the night and when he wakes up in the morning he just lays there, with his eyes wide open and flails his arms and that's usually what wakes me up in the morning, his little hand repeatedly smacking my face.
I kind of love it.
I love his milk smell.
And how he collects lint between his toes.
And how his head rocks back when he smiles.
And the shy smile he gets when I watch him eat.
In fact, he won't eat if he notices me watching him, he gets too shy, it's insanely cute.
And I love how he holds so tightly to my hair or clothes as I hold him.
And he is a chunker child.
I get told all the time, "Whoa, he's big for 3 months."
I love his cheeks, I could kiss them all day!
I just adore him.


  1. This is such a fabulous post! I love his little smiles!

  2. He is so cute! It's crazy how different they are already. I think he looks so much like Ella!