Her Grammy Jones taught her to put the raspberries on her fingers like that and now she always does it whenever she eats "awe-barries"

I love:

When she goes up to Fenton and starts talking to him in a little high-pitched voice ("Oh! Feen (Finn)! Oh! Toes! Mouff (mouth)! Oh! Hid (head)!) and he breaks into an enormous gummy grin (because he crazily adores her) and she goes, "Oh! Sm-eye-o (smile)! Sm-eye-o!"
And I say, "Do it again, Ella, make him smile."
And she says, "K," and gets all close to him again, putting herself nose-to-nose with him and says in that sing-song voice, "Sm-eye-o? Yeah? Sm-eye-o?"
And he breaks into a grin again and she gets all happy and proud of him and I just sit there trying to soak in every single moment of it and to lock it up in one of those memory jars in my head so that I can remember this absolutely perfect moment for the rest of forever.

And how she is always bopping him in the head with her hard-plastic-headed doll who always wants to give Fenton a kiss, apparently, but can't seem to do it gently.

When I ask her a question like, "Do you like raspberries?"
And she says, "Yes! I do!"

And the other night when she wanted us to sing a certain song but she didn't know what it was called so she was working so hard to think of any word she knew within her very limited vocabulary to try and tell us which song it was, she said, "Nigh nigh" because it's a song that Adam sings to her at bedtime a lot, but there are a few songs we sing at bedtime so she gave us a couple of other clues and finally we figured it out and she was so happy!

And how when Fenton is crying in bed because he is having a hard time soothing himself to sleep and I go in there and just silently lay my hand on his belly and his little body calms down with that touch and he slows down his sobbing and just calmly lays there and soaks in that touch as if knowing that his mom is by his side makes all the difference and is enough to make him feel calm.
To know that my touch makes him feel at peace, I love that!

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