So maybe we have no problem finishing off 2 medium pizzas all on our own

 There is a local pizza place that we absolutely love that has a special on their medium pizzas every Monday.
The special only runs for 2 hours and if you call in any later than 15 minutes into the special it will be a couple of hours before you get your pizza because they get so many orders during that time.
So we may or may not have been to this particular place 3 times in the past month just for their Monday special.
The three of us can finish off two medium pizzas-- I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed of that.
But in our defense (I guess I'm opting fr being ashamed), the crust is thin!
Ella LOVES the pizza they serve there just as much as we do, as soon as she recognizes what part of town we are in she repeatedly exclaims, "Pizza!" over and over again (proof that we have been there a little too often).
They don't have much seating so we usually make a little picnic of it and the weather is absolute perfection these days so it's the most ideal Monday evening you can imagine!
Mouthwatering pizza, a grassy hill, Fenton lays in the grass and kicks his legs and flails his arms, Ella dances and runs around.
Ella is dancing, the back of Fenton's head is balding, and Adam is laughing.


  1. Pizza is shame there. ;) I'm totally grieving pizza with this dairy intolerance of Bennett's. So sad. Anyhow, I can't believe how much Fenton looks like Ella! She looks so fun & full of personality. Have a great week guys!

  2. Great pictures! We have heard great things about this Pizza spot on Main. Next time we are down there we definitely want to try it! Yum!