Vaccines, Potties, and How Fenton Wore a Yellow Bow Tie on His Blessing Day

^ Fenton on his blessing day   v Ella on her blessing day
(although they looked like identical twins as newborns, they are definitely getting their own distinct looks now, he looks SO boyish)

First of all, it's been several weeks, but I wanted to thank you guys for your responses to my post about adjusting to life with two kids.
I didn't expect to get the response I did but it meant a lot to just hear the love and support that came from you guys through your comments and texts and emails, it made the tough times seem more bearable.
And it was nice to know that others have felt the same way, just to know that someone can relate to you is so comforting for some reason.
So thank you!
I really needed that!

I'm sitting here with a sleeping Fenton fast asleep on my lap (his tummy happily full) and I'm surrounded by books I've been reading while I feed him and these books all seem to scream "You're a mom!"
Once Upon A Potty is sitting next to Everyone Poops.
We are trying to encourage excitement about using the potty in our home.
Currently, Ella seems determined to ignore her little personal potty unless someone has placed something on top of it's closed lid and then she gets very upset that anyone even had the nerve to do such a thing to her potty. 

And then there's The Vaccine Book sitting open on the back of the couch.
Fenton's first vaccinations are coming up and I've been feeling way more anxious about them than I ever did with Ella so I've been doing research.
I feel like I'm back in school and reading over science papers all about how aluminum and different viruses affect the human body, except I actually want to read these ones because it's about things that could affect my kid!
It's frustrating reading about vaccines because the more I research the more I realize that there is no one right answer and I just want there to be a single correct way to do immunizations because we're talking about my child's life and health and well-being on the line here!

And then there's the Love and Logic book which is about a parenting theory that really emphasizes teaching kids how to make choices and learning from them.
I like the ideas behind it and want to learn about it before the "terrible twos" hit and Ella starts learning that she has agency.
It's so awesome that kids can discover that they can make choices but it can be so hard on the parents so maybe this will help us get through it a little more smoothly.
Also, I recently ordered this cute book for Ella's birthday where you ask a question a day and write down your kid's answer and I can hardly wait for her to start speaking in full sentences so that I can understand and record all of the hilarious things that I'm sure are going through her head.

Bow ties are the cutest and only take 15 minutes to make, and oh that pointy chin!
Little Man skyping with his Uncle Bo (who flew to the Dominican Republic this morning to serve as a missionary for the next two years-- Fenton will be older than Ella is right now when his Uncle Bo gets back, that's cray-zay!).


  1. If we end up having a boy he might just have to wear a bow tie everyday!! Do you have a tutorial you use to make them?

    1. Yeah! Here it is:

  2. May I say that "if" you wait until you can totally understand everything Eva says b/4 you start writing them down... you will have missed a lot! At our house; we have what we call... The Jar of Humiliation; don't laugh!!! That's just what the kids call it! Mostly cause there are things in it that make them totally embarrassed! We figured that by the time they got married or just b/4 we could share these things with their future partners... ahem, yet it worked! LoL... every once in a while; we go back and reread some of the silly/fun things they used to say/do. Sort of like a jar of journal quotes! All in good fun.

    1. Ha! I love that!! The name of the jar is hilarious! And you're right, I definitely should start recording her little sentences now because the context is usually hilarious, even if I can't understand it all!