She's Her Own Best Friend

And I can hardly blame her.
In my very biased opinion she is a rather delightful person.
And quite hilarious.

We have a full-length mirror that we keep between the living and dining room because Ella loves to watch herself and interact with the other Ella in there.
She watches herself dance, she talks and sings to herself, she gives herself hugs and kisses and laughs at her own jokes.
She even stops in front of the mirror mid-tantrum to watch herself scream and cry as if it's a great performance.
Yesterday we pulled out the box of holiday decorations so that we could deck out our apartment for Halloween and Ella found the fake Easter basket grass and decided that the dining room would look especially nice with that fake grass flung all around it.

As I was loading that video onto my laptop, Ella was watching it with me and was laughing so hard, she considers herself pretty hysterical.


  1. That is too funny!! What great vocabulary! We often use mirrors at stores to stave off tantrums.

    1. Oh my gosh, we do the same thing at stores, that's so funny! Mirrors are the best.