My identical twin babies

^^ Ella     v v Fenton
^^ Ella    v v Fenton 
 I mean, really?!
They look like identical twins!
Out of all the genes and traits that they had to choose from they chose the same ones?!
Fenton's lips are thinner than Ella's and maybe his brow is a bit heavier (both good things for a boy to get instead of a girl) but everything else looks the same right now.
Well, his hair is darker but since it will probably change, that doesn't really count.
When Fenton was first born Adam said that he looked like Ella and I totally didn't agree but now that I'm looking at pictures of Ella as a newborn I realize that he was spot on, they are pretty much the same person.
Now I even sometimes accidentally refer to Fenton as "her" because he looks so much like Ella I forget that he's not his sister.

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  1. Oh he is so cute! I love that they look alike. I'm so happy for you guys. I just wish I could hold him and snuggle him.