Beautiful Illustrations on a Wall

Several months ago I mentioned that I had gone to a garage sale and bought a ton of children's books for 25 cents a piece, such a happy day!
I got them with the intention of putting some of them up on Ella's wall because I think children's books have some of the very best art and I want my children to be surrounded by that art.
Plus, you can't buy prints for as cheap as 25 cents a piece so this idea seemed very economical as well.
I finally got around to finishing that project and here is the end result!
The frames I got at a thrift store for about $2/piece and I simply spray painted them white.

And a few lovely finds on the internet lately:

Here is an amazing article that made me cry and that I never want to forget.

This is a really fantastic shirt of the U.S. that made me laugh. 
Alaska is maybe my favorite.

You MUST follow this lady on Instagram. 
I've mentioned her blog before, which I love, but she doesn't have a lot of time to post on it but she does post several instagram photos everyday and I cannot get enough of them! 
I am seriously in love with her family even though I've never met them. 
She is so completely honest about how life is.
Her daughter is insanely hilarious and adorable and the way she captures her brand new baby boy is perfection. 
Her captions are so funny and the people that comment on her photos say the most amusing things, seriously, you have to follow her, she and her family are just so real and so fabulous.

Love this post and this post by Merrick on how to just add a few simple things to an outfit to make it look more put-together and how to use your summer wardrobe for fall.

Made this chocolate chip pumpkin bread recipe and it may be the best pumpkin bread I've ever had. 
So you should definitely try it.

Another article I read and loved and want to be sure to apply to my family.

This is a lovely dance based on the tragedies caused by tornadoes and hurricanes and this is a cool one too about two brothers and I like this one based on The Giving Tree.

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