We can finally walk outside without shriveling up and dying

See the clenched hands and teeth?
That is a regular expression on her face when in the presence of Fenton.
I'm still trying to decide if it is because she loves him so much she can hardly handle her feelings or if it's her restraining herself from attacking the boy who turned her world upside-down.
Or maybe a little of both.
Those identical mouths!
This picture!
So much wonderfulness captured in it between those two!

You know how the holidays are such a magical time when you're a kid?
And then as you grow up it's still such a fun time of year but it doesn't have the magic that it once had?
Now that we have a little girl it's like the magic is back, only this time I'm the one creating the magic for her and it's so fun!
We have been dancing around to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for the past couple of weeks and it's the cutest to hear Ella's little voice sing "This is Halloween" or "Halloweenie," as she calls it.
We go up and down the Halloween aisles and push the buttons to get the animated witches to cackle over and over again and point out all the skeletons and pumpkins.
And we've been teaching her how to cheer for BYU football and when she sees it on TV she throws her arms up in the air and hollers, "Touchdown!"
At Costco we went up and down the Christmas tree aisle over and over again and Ella just stared in awe at all the beautiful sparkling lights.
I can't wait until she sees snow for the first time!
But until then, it feels like summer has just begun here because we can finally do outdoor activities now that it's cooled down enough to go outside and we are going outside as often as possible to soak in that beautiful sun! 
We've been having picnic dinners and just basking in the grass at the park, it's so lovely!

A little something about Ella:
When she gets upset she throws up.
Once, I was been in the store with her (and my mom) and she fell and got upset and was crying and screaming and the next thing I knew there was barf on the check-out counter and I had no idea what to even do and neither did any of the employees behind the counter.
And once in the middle of the night she started screaming her head off because somehow Gerard ended up on the outside of her bed and that's a tragedy so was shaking and screaming and I rushed in there, trying to calm her down and the next thing I knew her dinner was everywhere (although that time I rushed her into the bathroom in the nick of time!)
And long car rides make her pretty upset so that results in barf all over the backseat, which is awesome.
But there is nothing we can do except avoid car trips as much as possible because you can't just stop half way through the drive and be done when she's upset.
She barfed tonight right after dinner and we had to completely re-feed her dinner.
It is so stressful to have a little girl who is already throwing a tantrum and creating chaos and I'll be trying to discipline her and then add barf to the equation and it's just craziness!
If this continues into the terrible twos it will be amazing (lots of sarcasm there, in case that didn't translate).
But at the same time, I get the feeling that we will one day look back and find that it was kind of funny because, you know, the worse a (non-life-threatening) situation is, the funnier the story is later (I remind myself of this on the worst of days).

Another thing about her, but this one makes me laugh: 
When she wants to get into something that she is not allowed to get into she will turn to me and say "Bye! Bye! Bye!" and wave until I go away so that she can get into whatever it is without me telling her "no."
It's kind of hilarious!

Also, after we've gone and played with her friends or at the park she pretty routinely will tell me, "Fun!" as I strap her into her carseat.
"Yeah? That was fun?" I'll ask her.
"Yeah!" Nodding vigorously,  "Fun!"
Oh, I love it!


  1. Oh my gosh, the vomit, I would die. I feel your pain, where do these tantrums come from?! I'm beside myself. If you figure it out, let me know!

    1. You are so nice to be so sympathetic, Charlotte! They are just the usual tantrums of a toddler where things aren't going the way that she thinks they should and she gets upset about it! But I'm thinking she'll grow out of it... at least I hope so!

  2. Oh geez! That sounds messy & horrible! But you will definitely laugh about it someday. One thing that really helped us with tantrums was COMPLETELY ignoring her...no touch, no talk, no eye contact. She could be clinging to my leg and I would just go about my business like nothing was wrong. It was SO hard the first couple times, but after awhile she stopped having tantrums completely because she recognized that she wasn't getting any response from it. Obviously there are limits to what you can ignore, but it's worth a try? We worked really hard on taking 3 deep breaths when she was upset, but I forget when she started responding well to that...Ella is still so young! Hang in there Momma!

    1. I love that advice for tantrums! I've been trying to do that lately! Sometimes I cave in when I see that she is about to barf because I want to try to calm her down before it's all over the place but it probably is better to just ignore it. And then some of the tantrums are a result of her getting hurt by falling off a chair or something so then she wasn't really doing anything wrong but she's just completely overreacting to what happened! But that's so good to hear that ignoring her helped reduce the tantrums! I will continue to do that!

  3. Oooh you have a barfer... :( So sorry! My parents said I used to cry myself sick every night as a 1-1 1/2 yr old multiple times just to get out of bed and play. Eventually my mom said they just had to change me and the crib sheets quietly without fuss and put me back down to bed over and over so I knew I wasn't getting up to play.
    She even asked the doctor if babies could be bulimic which he sort of laughed at haha but apparently I could make myself throw up on demand. Poor little Ella, and poor you! Good luck getting through it. Someday it will be funny like you said, but still very stressful at the moment I am sure! Good luck!

    1. You were a barfer?! I would never have guessed that about you, Katie! You are such a calm person! Your poor parents to have to change your sheets every night! I can tell you from personal experience that cleaning barf chunks out of sheets in the sink is the grossest thing ever (sorry for the graphic picture)! But I'm glad that Ella doesn't do it on command! What an amazing skill you had!