This post doesn't have a single picture of Ella

Just a TON of a handsome little balding man
Sweet little Fenton boy.
You know how they say that the second child doesn't have as many pictures taken of them as the first child?
It is so true.
He just demands so much less attention than Ella does and when Ella is down for a nap and I do have time to focus on only him I just want to cuddle him, not take pictures.
He had jaundice pretty bad when he was born and so he had to sleep on a bilibed for what seemed like FOREVER (I think in reality it was closer to 5 days) and each morning we would have to go to the lab and have his poor little foot pricked yet again so that they could take a blood sample and see if it was okay to take him off the bed yet or not.
He hated that uncomfortable glowing bed but he was so sweet and patient about having to be on it.
My mom and I would take shifts in the night to help comfort him during the night as he slept on his bluebed of torture.
 I really wanted to be better about not getting my second baby used to sleeping in our bed but if anything, I'm worse at it.
With Ella I could take naps during the day whenever she napped but with Fenton I have to be up and ready to go when Ella is ready, no matter how little sleep I got the night before so we're a little bit on the super sleep deprived side over here.
So at nights when I'm that tired and he starts fussing it's easiest to just let him sleep in our bed with us because he sleeps so much better in it.
One day I'm sure I'll regret getting him in the habit when I have to break it but there's still a few more weeks until sleep training time so I'll just enjoy it for now.
We went with the sweet little balding old man in a bowtie look for his first week of church, he definitely qualified as "dashing."
Tummy time is not always a favorite, but his little grunches he makes when he's upset, oh my goodness I love them!
My grandma's cat was so curious about the grunchy little bundle we had with us, he would crouch under the chair and just stare at Fenton while I fed him.
And at his 3rd week of church he did not disappoint in the outfit department either.
And we're just getting stoked about Halloween a little bit early around here.
Pretty sure I have our Halloween costumes almost figured out.
Plus a certain little girl will be turning 2 around Halloween and let me just say I have all of her birthday presents bought (that is possibly the only part of my life right now where I'm actually on top of things).
One of my absolute favorite things to do with this boy is gently kiss each of his cheeks back and forth over and over and he gets this little blissful expression on his face and his little mouth opens like this^ and it's the best.
Oh that chin, that sweet little pokey chin, I love it so much!
Most babies at their 2-week doctor's appointment weigh less than they did when they were born, but not this sweet chunker boy, he had gained almost an entire pound!
Fenton pretty much lives in this Baby K'Tan wrap.
I had made a simple baby wrap but then my beautiful friend, Coryn, sent me this k'tan and it is waaaaaay better than a regular wrap simply because it is so much faster to put on and speed makes all the difference in the world when you have a toddler screaming for you. 
Plus it already is set at the perfect tightness and with a regular wrap you have to keep adjusting and pulling (=more time that your toddler is screaming at you) to get the tightness that you need.
Fenton falls asleep almost immediately when I put him in this thing and it leaves my hands free to help Ella and hold her hand as we walk through parking lots and make dinner and clean up, etc. 


  1. There weren't nearly enough pictures in this post. Seriously. I just loved every single one of them. Oh baby Fenton, you dashing fellow you! How has the adjustment been from 1 to 2, Annie? Don't forget to take time to take care of yourself. Even if it means the dishes go undone. :) You are a great mother my friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Emily!! The adjustment has been wonderful and hard at the same time, I'll probably do a post on it soon. I will do my best to take care of myself, it's much easier said than done!