Old McDonald

Clip One//
I love her little voice singing this song.

Clips Two-Five//
The dancing of Ella.
Just look at those little hip twists and arm waves!
She likes songs that have a strong beat the best, so she tends to like the hip-hop songs on SYTYCD.
Um, feel free to ignore the scattered pile of clean laundry and the fact that Ella is naked in most of these clips (she does occasionally wear clothes but we always strip her down for dinner and it seems to be after dinner that the dancing bug bites and so she tends to be in the nude).

Clip Six//
This is when Ella met Fenton in the hospital and her reaction is kind of hilarious and crazy, it's as if she is claiming him to be her own personal minion. 

Clip Seven// 
We go through this routine at least once a day, where Ella points out that Fenton has toes, amouth and eyes (and knees and elbows and eyes and a bellybutton and ears and hair, etc. etc.) and then she declares that he needs to be cleaned up ("meekah!").


  1. What an amazing little dancer!!

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