A Night Out As a Family of Four

All summer we have wanted to go to the movie in the park that our town puts on downtown but since Ella's bedtime is between 7-8pm and the movie starts at 9pm we had never considered it a possibility (plus, up until recently it's still been over 100 degrees by 9pm and who wants to sit outside in that heat? No one).
But this week they were showing a movie we really love so we decided to put Ella down for a late nap and then see how she would do at the movie.
There is a pizza place we really love right next to the park where the movie is shown, we stopped there for dinner and then strolled downtown.
Ella astounded us all by not getting any pizza sauce on her white shorts...whoa.
After the three of us had easily consumed an entire large pizza we went to the park where the movie would be shown to claim a spot.
We thought it might take a bit of hard work to keep Ella entertained until the movie started but we were wrong.
Holy cow, it was like a party at the park leading up to the movie, there was music playing and people dancing and there was a conga line going and Ella pretty much had the time of her life before that movie even started.
In fact, when the movie started she got bored because all the action had stopped.
She kept trying to go over to the people spread out on a blanket next to us who we had gotten to know during the pre-movie party and distract them by showing off her belly and throwing glow sticks at them (that they had given to her) and just jabbering at them.  
We left about 30 minutes into the movie because Ella was clearly getting tired by then but it was so worth going, even if we hadn't gotten to watch any of the movie!
Fenton was there, but he never showed his face outside of his comfy wrap so that results in yet another post with zero pictures of his sweet chubbiness. 
Oh and there was cinnamon bun popcorn, which was a hit with Little Girl.
Family date night success!

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