I was so scared about how Ella would react to Fenton.
I was hearing horror stories from parents about how their first child pushed their newborn second child off the bed or couch or would hit and attack them and other awful acts of anger.
But much to my relief, Ella takes all of her frustrations of having less attention out on me and doesn't seem to connect it at all with Fenton, thank goodness!
She loves Fenton!
She finds him a little bit boring and that sometimes results in some jabs to his tiny face in an attempt to get him to DO something, even a cry is more interesting than having him just sleep there.
But she is always asking to give him a hug and a kiss or a high-five.
And when I let her, she smothers him in love and happy squeals, which usually results in him crying, but hey, we're working on developing a good life-long relationship here, it's worth the slight discomfort of having your sister's face squished right up against your nose for five long seconds.
And something that you must keep a secret so that it doesn't follow him to highschool: Ella calls Fenton "Fifi."
What a horrible nickname for a little boy!
But at the same time, just like how Ella laughing at her own toots is kind of crazily adorable, this is adorable too because it comes from her; it's as close as she can get to saying his name.
She says in a little high-pitched sing-song voice, "Hi Fifi!"
My relatives will never let him live that down.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably heard this story, but the absolute best moment between the two of them was when we were in Salt Lake City for my brother's wedding and Fenton was crying in the backseat of the car as we drove somewhere and suddenly he stopped.
Adam glanced back and said, "Is Ella holding Fenton's hand?"
I looked back and sure enough Ella had her little hand stretched out over to Fenton's carseat and had his tiny hand in hers and she was saying softly, "Oh baby. Oh baby."
I could hear his quiet breathing as she soothed him with her sweet little voice and her hand.
Just about died right there of my whole heart wanting to explode with the sweetness of that moment between my two children.
I cannot wait to see what their relationship turns into and the sort of friends they will be.
At home, Ella will tell me when she hears Fenton cry, "Oh baby. He's sad."
Sometimes they sing together.
Okay, just kidding, but I love that it looks that way.

Unfortunately, Ella smothered her brother with a little too much affection because she gave him her cold and oh my goodness, it's the saddest thing in the world to hear a little two-week-old infant struggle to breath through a stuffed up nose and have little coughing fits.
In the middle of the night I can hear him fighting to breath and then he suddenly will just scream in frustration as if to say, "No one told me life would be this hard!" 
It keeps him up for a lot of the night and causes much grumpiness throughout the day.
On more than one occasion I've gotten up in the middle of the night and turned on the shower as hot as it will go and then I'll just sit in the bathroom with Fenton as it fills up with steam and let it help him breath.
Poor little Fifi.
His reaction in this picture kills me.


  1. Annie! This is so cute! We are having a baby in January and this helps me feel so excited about having two! Thanks! Ella is just so so cute, and I love how she comforts him when he cries. Hope you are feeling well and getting some sleep! You're doing an amazing job!

    1. Oh my gosh, Suzanne, CONGRATS!! That is so incredibly exciting! In the very short time that I have been a mom of two I have decided that it is twice as much work and stress but also twice as much joy and happiness seeing the two of them together and just having another sweet little kiddo in the house to adore, so it's totally worth the extra work! I didn't really imagine that it would be this fun to see the two of them together!