6 Week Old Little Man

This picture is from his first week of life when he was confined to the bluebed of torture, I love it but never posted it, so better late than never.

 One-month-old pictures:

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--words typed by Ella when she was sneakily playing on my computer when I wasn't paying attention, she wanted to contribute to this post, I guess.

Oh my little man, I just adore you!
I could kiss those cheeks and that chin all day long, especially since you've started getting the biggest toothless grin on your sweet face when I do that, my heart pretty much explodes when you smile.
I love your grunts!
You grunt and grunch and snort all day long.
It adds to your overall little old man vibe, with the balding head and the sweet toothlessness.
You have chunked up fast, we keep joking that we feed you ice cream all day with how quickly you've put on weight, I love the chunkiness, so keep it up! 
But oh, Little Man, you are going through a rough time right now. 
Miss Lala went through the same thing at your age, we call it , "The Storm."
It makes for some rough days.
You are either sleeping or awake and grumpy.
But just like with Ella, I'm sure this will pass and we will get to know the real sweet and happy you.
Occasionally you have moments of peaceful contentedness and it gives me a glimpse into your personality.
You sometimes like to lay by yourself in a part of the room that is separate from all the crazy noise and you just lay there and stare at the world around you.
Your favorite places in the house are by windows letting in lots of light.
Your grumpiest time is from 8pm to 2am. 
Very little sleep happens then, mostly just crying and screaming.
And oh my goodness do you have a shrill scream.
The place you love the most and that helps you sleep the best, is strapped to either me or Dada.
The world is a happier place to you from inside that protected place.
You can handle anything from there, even Ella's crazy dance parties that we have on a daily basis.
Thank goodness for that wrap.
But, I've got some good news for you, I think you have narrowly avoided the name "Fifi" following you to high school.
We started calling you "Finn" to encourage Ella to call you that instead of "Fifi" (since Fenton is apparently impossible for her to say), and it has caught on!
She now very sweetly refers to you as "Feen."
The first thing that your sister wants to do in the morning is find out where you are.
The day cannot continue until she has seen your sweet round face.
You are so patient with her rather brutal hugs and face-flattening kisses.
She is crazy about you.
She imitates your noises and giggles over them.

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  1. He is SO cute! I love all your pictures these days and you inspire me to better chronicle the life of my little one!