A Moment from Today

This happened today:
I was in the kitchen, starting dinner.
Ella was in the living room doing her usual: grocery shopping with her naked baby in one arm, purse and phone (it currently is a medical thermometer that she calls her phone) in the other and only one shoe on and no pants (this is pretty much her favorite activity of all time and she does it each and every single day).
I once again tripped over one of the empty milk/water gallon containers that we have sitting next to the trash can, waiting to go out and I had this brilliant idea of teaching Ella how to bowl, using the empty gallon containers as pins so I called out, "Ella! Do you want to go bowling?"
Immediately she responded, "BOWLING! Bowling! Bowling!"
I was kind of surprised, had someone else taught her how to bowl? 
Why was she so excited about something I didn't think she knew how to do?
Then came Ella, racing from the living room to the kitchen with only her one shoe on and a tupperware bowl clutched in her little hands, "Bowling! Bowling!" 
She stood right next to the fridge with her eager fingers clasping her bowl.
She thought bowling had something to do with kitchen bowls and filling them with food (because what else would you do with bowls?)
I kind of died laughing.
I explained, "No, no, no, this is another kind of bowling with these milk jugs!"
She was not happy to hear that, "No! Bowling!" Once again extending that bowl out to me.
So I filled it with slices of cheese for her and when she was finished eating those we worked on learning the other kind of bowling.
The activity didn't last long, she wasn't much of a fan.
Her purse, baby and phone (the thermometer) and shoe.
She was originally wearing pants, but then she pooped and it didn't end well for the pants.
And that shoe was sent to her from the beautiful Marnaloah, she misplaced it's pair so she just wears the one right now but she loves it because she can put it on all by herself.

But I'll tell you what activity she WAS a fan of.
Yesterday I filled the sink with warm soapy water and threw in some dishes and let her play in it.
Holy cow, best activity ever.
If Ella can be entertained by the same activity for 15 minutes straight, that is a straight up miracle.
This girl played in that water for almost an entire hour, all by herself.
It was incredible.
I didn't even know what to do with myself while she was so self-entertained.
By the end there was water EVERYWHERE, but it resulted in a really clean floor and counters.

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  1. I love the water activity! Sawyer recently discovered how fun this can be as well but it will be nice when he is as tall as Ella and less wobbly! She is so cute with her little phone and baby in tow!