Squeaky Clean

^She is always pointing out the eyes on everyone and everything, she loves eyes!
After she points out the eyes she usually will then point out the nose and ears, all in a kind of hushed whisper.
Almost every single morning I can expect to walk in to Ella's room where she will scream with happiness to see me and then promptly say, "Baby!" (referring to Gerard, of course) and then "Eyes! Eyes!" as she once again points out his beautiful black eyes to me, like it's the most important thing and without a doubt the first detail that should be noticed when we get up for the day.
^She asked for a chocolate truffle and I said "no."

A while ago I found this pin on Pinterest that lists 10 different pictures to get of your child each month to record them growing up and their new mannerisms and behaviors. 
It suggested taking a picture of your child in the bath and to take a picture of your child when they are squeaky clean, so that's how these pictures happened.

A few awesome and less than awesome things:

When you are 8 1/2 months pregnant and the average temperature for the week is 115 degrees.
Which means that by 10pm it is still over 100 degrees outside.
So awesome.
I don't even care what our AC bill looks like at the end of this month, we're just trying to survive.

When your 1 1/2 year old goes on a water tube behind a wave runner for the first time.
I was having a cow.
At one point the water rushed over the tube and started pulling it down and Adam was trying to hold up Ella so that she wouldn't drown in the gush of water, but also trying to still hold on and get the tube upright.
 I was just freaking out and screaming and hyperventilating on the back of the wave runner, watching the center of my world struggle to breathe.
Adam's poor brother who was steering, having to deal with an insane-o mom while trying to get the tube stabilized.
But they quickly got it righted and Ella wasn't even upset about the whole thing, because it was seriously less than a second but it seemed like she was under the water for SO LONG!
It's a good thing to have a dada, if I was Ella's only parent she would probably be locked up in a bubble where nothing could ever hurt her and she would never have a moment of adventure.

Waking up every single night with contractions, some of which I have to do that crazy labor breathing through because they are leaning on the painful side (it's kind of crazy that breathing a certain way can help ease pain, who even figured that out?).
I seriously feel like he could come any day. 
But maybe he'll kick back and get comfortable and not come for a while.
Who knows.

At around 4:30am the other night I woke up to something other than contractions, I woke up to Ella screaming "ANNIEEEE!!!"
I pretty much flew off my bed in record time (especially with a huge belly) and promptly ran right into the bookcase that I have sitting outside Ella's room (because I need to paint it, so that seemed like a safe place to keep it in the meantime) and rushed in to find Ella sobbing.
She has never screamed out for us in the middle of the night.
But this week she did it twice, both times she was so completely distressed, it was heartbreaking!
I wonder what kind of nightmares a 1 1/2 year old has?
Luckily, after some cuddling and singing she was ready to go back to sleep.

Little Girl also has a thing for horses because she can spot a horse from a mile away.
I had no idea how many horses there were where we live until she pointed each and every single one of them out to me from the backseat of the car.
She's memorized where every single one is in town because she exclaims, "horsey!" right before it comes into view.
(She's only been in a forward-facing carseat for 2 1/2 months now but she's got this town memorized in that short amount of time, she always screams, "Dada!" when we drive by Adam's work, even though it doesn't look that much different than other buildings in town, she knows which one it is).
There is an intersection in town that Ella always exclaims, "Horsey" at and I couldn't ever see the horse that she was talking about.
Finally I realized that the horsey she was talking about was the Sinclair dinosaur on the sign at the gas station!

Do you need a rather fantastic blog to add to your collection of blogs to follow?
Here is one: Harper's Happenings.
It's about this little girl who seriously has the most hilarious and wonderful personality and her mom's writing is hysterical. 

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  1. Sometime after baby Fenton comes, you guys should come down to visit so Ella can ride my little horsey. I am sure she would just love that! Lily and Samuel both ride Oreo all the time, so he is totally chill with the little ones, and he is only like 3 feet tall. (Hopefully, that would help prevent your hyperventilation.) He he he. :D