A Little Girl's Life

Clip 1
Noises that animals make.
I had flipped the video recorder screen around so that she could see herself, which is why she keeps pointing herself out.
She also keeps signing "please" as she makes the animal noises, I have no idea why.

Clip 2
This is what childhood memories are made of: dancing in front of the tv (or laptop) in your diaper.
I cannot even tell you how much I love it that she likes watching So You Think You Can Dance. 
She won't sit/stand still to watch ANYTHING except for dancing

Clip 3
Tickling and how "all done" is one of her favorite words

Clip 4
An all time fave activity, she and Adam can play this for a very long time before getting bored

Clip 5 
A typical mealtime at our place, a massive mess and lots of chatting about who knows what

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