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I've been working like crazy to get projects done around our little apartment before a certain little boy arrives.
I'm so in love with painting furniture right now because it's an easy way to make a cheap find from craigslist look unique and cute and brighten up the whole room.
That bookshelf in the picture above was $10 on craigslist.
It was just a boring wood color and I painted it blue and then bought some black and white fabric baskets from Amazon to use as drawers to put Baby Boy's clothes in.
I love it next to the school bus yellow changing table.
And now can we just take a moment to talk about how awesome Amazon is?
It is seriously the greatest.
They carry EVERYTHING (including food, did you know you can order groceries from Amazon?) and you can look at reviews to figure out which brand you want the most and it has the cheapest prices and free shipping over $25, does it get much better than that?
I don't think so.
Above the shelves is this angler fish painting.
A bonus to being an art major is that you end up graduating with a ton of class assignments to put up on you kid's walls.
Is an angler fish too intense for a baby's room?

The other project is the little table above that we bought from Ikea when we were first married.
It used to be black but now it's teal and adds so much color to Lala's room.
She asks me all the time to help her sit at her desk so that she can read books, especially Brown Bear Brown Bear.
The red folding chair came from a children's consignment store for $7 and that dresser to the left I got from a thrift store for $40, I absolutely love it!
(Thanks to my brother-in-law I figured out why my pictures are blue, but I took these pictures before he told me how to fix them, so you get another dose of frosty blue photos).
Oh wigwam curtains, I just love you so much.

The word that Ella says most in a day is "Peez" (please).
She is constantly, and I mean constantly, saying "peez. peez. peez. peez."
And then I have to look around at what she is pointing at or looking at and see if it's something she can have or do.
Peez a bagel.
Peez play outside in 110 degree weather.
Peez play with toys.
Peez a drink.
Peez remove this wrapper that somehow got stuck to my foot.
Peez get the drink I threw in the farthest possible corner of the car while you are simultaneously driving 55mph on a windy road.
Peez put this diaper on Gerard.
Peez let me play with those pop-it fireworks I somehow found in your closet.
Peez let me eat whatever is in the trashcan because it just looks so much yummier coming from there.
Peez put me on that chair.
Peez take me down.
Peez put me back up.
Peez down.
Peez get me something, I don't know what but just keep giving me things until you finally give me something I like.
And sometimes I think, if she says "peez" one more time I will go insane.
And then it hits me, "Hey, I have a 1 1/2 year-old who not only says "please" but says please rather than throwing a tantrum for what she wants (we still have plenty of tantrums, of course, but they are much fewer than they would be otherwise because she knows that if she says please she is much more likely to get what she wants).
She also is pretty pro at saying "Dee dee" (thank you) when she gets what she was asking for.
So peez is good.

And here is a rather dashing fellow who has been very into bow ties lately.
He's pretty much a pro at tying them and his socks are always worth noticing:

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  1. I love your story about Ella saying please! That sequence of events was so easy to picture! I also love that picture of Adam, how fun are those socks?!?! You guys are just too cute!