Little Sand Girl and Her Grandparents

For Christmas my parents gave each other a gift of getting to fly out and come see us (well, mostly Ella but Adam and I were an added bonus)!
They have been visiting this past week and today they are leaving and we are a little bit devastated about that.
We loved hanging out with them and doing fun things.
Ella adores them both and probably won't even know what to do with herself when I don't obey her every whim like her grandparents do.
You should just see Ella's face when she looks at my dad after he's taken her on a long walk on her tricycle, she thinks he's just about the best person she's ever met, he's close to deity in her eyes.
My family has been helping me out so much in finding an apartment, my dad would play with Ella while my mom and I ran from property to property, trying to find something that didn't scare us away (with work and school Adam has next to no time to go apartment hunting with me).
And my mom has been helping me with art projects and getting things ready for baby to come.
I'll also miss them taking so many photos of Ella for me to snitch from their camera.
All of the pictures above were taken by them this week.
Luckily, Adam's family is coming into town for Adam's brother's wedding, so we won't have to suffer the family withdrawal until after they've left, thank goodness!

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  1. That little polka dot coat is darling!! And how cute is that first picture!!