A Blue Balloon

So I had this idea that I would give Ella a balloon and take some beautiful pictures to announce the gender of our baby, but it just turned into me chasing her around the house while she dragged the balloon around and tried on her Daddy's shoes.
It was terrible lighting too.
So instead of a beautiful gender announcement, you get these, can you guess the gender of baby #2?

 Just like last time, the poll was correct, it's a BOY!!

And as a bonus, they moved my due date up by 2 weeks, so I'm 22 weeks along now instead of 20.
Baby had his legs crossed and his feet tucked up under his bum so that the ulstrasound lady had to prod my belly really hard to try and get him to move and when that didn't work I had to get up and jump around and go to the bathroom to see if that would convince him to move.
Finally I mentioned something about ice cream and he shifted just enough for us to tell that he was a little boy.
And then he crossed his arms over his face so that we couldn't get any good profile pictures of his little face.
He's been taking tips from Ella on how to avoid getting beautiful pictures.
But at least they were able to see that he looks healthy, so I definitely can't ask for more than that.
We'll just have to wait a little longer to see his sweet face.

We also turned in an application for a new apartment yesterday.
We have been living in my in-laws gorgeous home that they aren't living in right now, and we love the space and having such a nice kitchen to cook in and so many other things, we probably will never live in a home this beautiful again, but it's time to get our own place.
I am so excited about finding a good space to bring our new baby home to and putting together a nursery for Ella (now that she's 16 months old!)
But there are suddenly a bajillion new things to get done to get ready to move into the new apartment.

I couldn't sleep last night because everything was spinning in my head!
"We need a rug for the tiled apartment living room and curtains and dressers for the bedrooms, a washer and dryer and sheets for Ella's new crib and we need to get some more dining room chairs and I should probably figure out which forward-facing carseat to get for Ella so that Baby Boy can use Little Girl's infant carseat and we eventually will need a second crib and a double stroller..."
And then I started thinking of things like, "How do you even dress a baby boy?"
We went to Old Navy yesterday after the ultrasound because I had a gift card to use there, and the baby boy section is discouragingly small (especially compared to the girl's section).
I was laying in bed, thinking of all these things and Baby Boy was keeping me company by dancing in my tummy and finally I couldn't take it anymore and I got up to look at the newest craigslist listings for furniture and cribs and then promptly started making a Pinterest board called "How Do You Even Dress A Baby Boy?"

But even with all the craziness of so many things happening in life at once, it's so fun and exciting! 


  1. That is so exciting!!! I mean really, I am thrilled for you guys! If you find any good tips on dressing baby boys let me know... their section is awfully small at the stores! But if I know you, he will be dressed cuter than any other little boy!

  2. Congratulations on the one to come, we had a boy first and then 3 girls. They are wonderful! He is now a day of a lovely little girl. Time flies... and I'm so very sure you will figure out how to dress him... ahem, pants, shirts, sweaters... here are a couple sites to check out sewing for boys;
    You may find some cute things here. If not... they are a good read!