Blowing Kisses

It starts out with Ella dancing to the ABC's-- don't mind me just singing right along (but I really want her to learn her ABC's so I have to sing along so that she can learn it).
She gets so excited when her grandpa plays that song, she pretty much loves it.
And then for some reason she folds her arms like she does when we say family prayer.
And then you have to pay attention and listen to her singing the ABCs on her own-- adorable.
Then there's a whole bunch of "nigh-nights" and blowing kisses and that's pretty much how we conclude most every single day.
(Her bed is in the casita out to the side of the house, so that's why we head outside when it's time to go to bed, that might not make sense if you haven't been to this house before).
Usually she voluntarily tells us when she's ready to go to sleep by saying "nigh-night" when she feels tired. 
Smart girl.

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  1. I'm so glad you caught this moment on video Annie! We love it and have watched it many times - smiling and laughing each time. There was a suitcase by the door of the bedroom that Ella had gotten into and tossed the contents around the room, so I had told her that the suitcase was a "no-no." It's so cute that she says "no-no" as she passes by the suitcase on her way out of the room.