A cute apartment on a budget

Pretty soon we'll be able to move into our new apartment and we're getting pretty excited with the task of needing to decorate it.
When we lived in Provo we weren't home very often because we were always at work or school so it didn't really matter if it looked cute or not, but now Little Girl of Cuteness and Baby Boy of Chunkiness (I guess I don't technically know if he's going to be chunky or not but he sure seems to be stronger than Ella was at this age and my belly is sticking out way more than it was with Ella so Adam says it's safe to assume he's chunky) and I will be home quite a bit and so we want it to feel like a nice place to be.
But we also need to keep it within a budget, so it's been fun trying to find what we need but also have it be cute and within our price range.
We have one shower curtain but now that we will have two bathrooms we needed another one so yesterday I was on the hunt for cute one to add spunk and color to our neutral bathroom.
Did you know that there are shower curtains that cost over $100?
There are.
These are some examples of very cute shower curtains that are over our budget:

But then I stumbled across a shower curtain that I'm kind of in love with, for a mere $11 on Amazon.
Look at this wonderfulness:
Does it get much better than Singin' in the Rain?
I don't think so.
This shower curtain will fill in the gap of the Singin' in the Rain ring tone that I had for 4 years and no longer have.
Oh I just love it! 

But it's a good thing that we're not getting the chevron shower curtain because then it would almost exactly match the living room carpet that we're planning on getting for our tiled living room floor and that would just be weird, since that bathroom branches off from the living room.
The carpet is like this:

And maybe on our living room walls I could make something like this of the different places we've lived in our life and called home:

Although I'm kind of digging the alphabet on the wall as well (and I'm sure Ella would appreciate it with how much she loves the ABC song, so maybe I could put it in her room instead of the living room):

Also a good idea for the living room wall:

With our apartment being neutral colors and our main furniture pieces being neutral as well, I'm looking for good ways to add color, like with the curtains and pillows and maybe painting some of the wood furniture we already have and these little pom poms will add a lot of cute color as well.  
I've been saving empty glass jars in all different sizes for a long time now, just to do something like this with them:

And I could add color to the kitchen by hanging something like this over the window:

I must really into little colorful balls because I also want to make these colorful streamers for Baby Boy's room:

And maybe a big letter like this to go above his bed:
And I already have tissue paper puff balls and bunting to put up in Little Girl's room like that picture above.

And perhaps I could make some curtains like this:
Curtains make a room so homey and add a lot of color to a neutral room, so I'm hoping they are as easy to make as I'm imagining.

Just this past weekend I stopped at a garage sale (we stop at them a lot with all the new things we need to get for the apartment and baby #2) and the lady who was running it was a school teacher so she had the most phenomenal children's book collection and she was selling them for 25 cents a piece.
We're talking Caldecott winners and classics and just a whole bunch of awesomeness (including this book, which I've been wanting for a while now).
Oh, I was in heaven!
I went through each and every single box of hers (and even returned the next day to go through them one more time and find more) and ended up with 50 childrens books for $12.50.
Happy wonderful day!
You guys, I love children's books.
I love the illustrations and I love having all that beautiful art in my home and I can't wait to expose my children to that beautiful art and those wonderful stories.
So I added those 50 books to the 100 other ones I've already collected and I think with some of them I will rip out some of the illustrations and frame them and put them up in the kids rooms like this:
To buy a print of a children's book illustration would cost way more than 25 cents so I'm pretty excited about this whole idea, although I'm having a hard time convincing myself to tear pages out of books.

Right now we are in the middle of painting a table and chairs (that we got for a grand total of $50 on craigslist) for the dining room, the table is off-white and the chairs are each a different color, kind of like this, except the table is totally white:

Obviously it will be a while before I can make all the stuff that I want to for our home, but it's so fun to dream about it and draw out plans and search Pinterest for ideas on how to make a home cute on a budget.

All pictures came from this board and this board on Pinterest (except for the shower curtains that came from this website and Amazon).

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