7 Days of Style

I've mentioned this blog called The Little Things We Do before.
The author is from Oregon and she has a little girl named Fern who she dresses adorably.
On her Instagram she hosted a challenge called 7 Days of Style.
Basically she was challenging herself and whoever wanted to participate to choose three items of clothing of your baby's and the baby has to wear one of those three things each day of the week but they can't wear it in the same way that they did earlier that week, so it forces you to be creative and find new ways to mix and match their clothes and basically just expands their closet when you find new ways for them to wear the same things.
That was a long sentence, did it kind of make sense?
Anyway, I love to dress Ella (I love it way more than I like to dress myself) and so I thought it would be fun to do the challenge.
These are the pictures that I took from that week and at the end of the week Ella's picture was featured in a little post on Babble written by Lauren, the lady hosting the challenge. 

One of the items of clothing that we chose was a peterpan collared onesie.
Ella wore it layered under a t-shirt

As a shirt under a cardigan

 And by itself with just stockings.

The second item of clothing was this little slip dress that I've been dressing her in since she was a tiny.
She wore it with just a cardigan. 

 And also as a shirt, tucked into a pair of pants.

The third item was a floral summer dress. She wore it as a skirt, with a shirt on top and she also wore it by itself with some stockings, but that was on Sunday and Sundays are absolutely insane for us so I didn't get a picture of it that day.

She also wore her moccasins almost every single day, which is pretty typical.
Everywhere we go she gets compliments on those moccasins and not only are they cute but she is able to walk much more smoothly in them than in any other pair of shoes she wears.
They have a thick sole so that she can wear them outside but the sole is really flexible so they move easily with her little feet, which is important for a little girl still figuring out how to walk on different kinds of terrain.
Most moccasins come at $40+, which was not an option for us, but these moccasins are only $19 (and we got them on sale for $15).
They are made by Minnetonka, in case you are interested.

The End.


  1. Cute!! Especially loving that purple sweater!!

    1. Thank you so much, Camille! You always say the nicest things about how I've dressed Ella and stuff, I love reading your comments!

  2. ahhh! I need a baby girl in my life to play dress up! Such a cutie!