A wedding and a cake-topper

This cute couple got married today (the red-head is Adam's brother):

Kyrsten (the bride) asked me a while ago if I knew anyone who did clay cake-toppers and I didn't.
 As we were texting back and forth about where to find little clay people, I pulled out the fimo clay that I used to play with when I was in middle school and started playing around to see if I could possibly make a decent looking clay person.
And this was the result:
Seth is an avid golfer (he's in the golf program in Las Vegas) and Kyrsten likes soccer.

We love Kyrsten and I'm kind of stoked to have someone as amazing as her as a sister now.
Having grown up with no sisters I kind of lucked out with the sisters I've gained from marrying Adam because they are incredible!
The wedding and reception were beautiful.

Ella had the snottiest nose you've ever seen and a rash on her face that I have yet to figure out how to get rid of and she was so tired while we were taking family pictures, I'm pretty sure she is screaming or bawling her head off in every single one.
(Above picture from my brother-in-law, Jake)

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