Our 30 Minute Trips to the Mail Box


Now that Little Girl can walk, everything has become 12 bajillion times more exciting.
I let her walk through the grocery store when we're not in a rush, and sometimes we just stop in random stores while we are out running errands so that she can explore a new place (the party store was a hit with all it's balloons and stuffed animals).
 And checking the mail has become a highlight of the day.
Usually checking the mail takes approximately 3 minutes, but now we dedicate a good half an hour to it each day because we have to stop and look at rocks and sticks along the way.
Ella loves rocks.
She tries to collect a handful of them and walk down the street with all of them clutched close to her little chest.
(She's kind of a hoarder.
She likes to find all sorts of treasures (like empty wrappers, strips of paper, rocks, and other priceless goods) and carry them everywhere with her.)
And it's always exciting when the dog across the street starts yapping it's head at us and Ella barks back at it and tries to break into the neighbor's yard to get a closer look.
It's a definite highlight.

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